GreenHaus Condos


GreenHaus Condos

1545 Bank St, Ottawa,
ON K1H 7Z1

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Green Eagle Development Inc.

Sales Contact
Derek Nzeribe


Located at 1545 Bank St, Greenhaus welcomes a new era of sustainable living in the Alta-Vista neighbourhood. With the perfect community feeling, a short distance away from the downtown, while offering access to every amenity, shop, store, restaurant, or entertainment that you could want or need, this is the perfect place to call home, today and in the future.

Sales Highlights

When you enter Greenhaus, you immediately feel the greenhouse experience, a stunning glass entrance, greenery surrounding you, and heating flooring welcoming you. It sets the tone for modern eco-living, but the sustainability and beauty in this modern lifestyle are that the eco features don’t end where you can see them. Eco elements are infused into every facet of the building, even where they can’t be seen. A partial green roof and garden plots top the building, with onsite water irrigation, improved ventilation, and central HVAC using water-source heat pumps improve every suite, EV charging in the parking garage and energy-efficient LED lighting in every suite and common areas are all features that Greenhaus is proud to bring to create a futuristic lifestyle.

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Milborne Contact

Derek Nzeribe

Director, Sales & Marketing Ottawa

Derek leads Milborne Group’s efforts in Ottawa, Ontario and the surrounding area. He brings extensive consulting, project management, and sales experience which spans the development process from pre-planning to sell out. He works with developer clients to maintain sales and marketing timelines and also contributes to the implementation of strategic plans and reviews, preparing and completing project budgets and engaging in developer, sales, marketing and vendor collaboration. Prior to his role as Regional Director, Derek spent over 4 years as Senior Vice President of a boutique consulting firm. His passion and knowledge of new development is clearly displayed in his work and it comes with no surprise that clients are drawn to his calm but confident approach to project management.

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