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As immigration reaches record highs and homeownership rates decline, the GTA faces an unprecedented demand for purpose-built rental housing.

ROSE NGUYEN, Director Sales & Marketing

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The Shift

Purpose-built rentals are integral to the industry as they address the evolving needs of today’s market by providing flexible, long-term rental solutions. As lifestyles and preferences shift, purpose-built rentals offer an attractive alternative for those seeking stability without the commitment of homeownership. This adaptability fulfills a growing market need and positions purpose-built rentals as a modern and responsive solution.

Our specialized focus on leasing large-scale communities empowers developers by providing nuanced insights into regulatory frameworks, market dynamics, and strategic guidance, ensuring the seamless and successful execution of purpose-built rental developments.

Leveraging our extensive experience in the Ontario rental market, we understand the significant benefits that purpose-built rentals offer tenants. Our commitment to fostering thriving communities allows tenants to experience stability and high-quality living environments. Purpose-built rentals cater to diverse preferences, offering a personalized and enriching living experience.


Milborne stands as an ally for developers, confidently navigating this landscape, facilitating transactions, and contributing to the sustained success of purpose-built rentals for both builders and tenants. Partner with us to embrace the transformative potential of purpose-built rentals in meeting the dynamic demands of today’s real estate market.

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