Experience & Expertise

Milborne’s involvement in some of the country’s largest and most complex multi-use communities has given us unmatched experience and knowledge of every step of the development process.

Analysis, Insights and Recommendations

Strategic Partnerships with the Right Team

We have served as strategic partners on most of the projects we’ve sold, providing invaluable guidance and insight from land acquisition, planning, right through to post occupancy.

Land Acquisition

Market Research, Feasibility Studies, CMA

Our team will provide yours with insight into the position of the current market and foresight into how it’s changing with the comprehensive data, metrics and analytics so we can collectively determine the value and feasibility of a site.

Project Design

Pricing analysis, buyer and design trends

Creating a product that fills a niche or satisfies buyer demands is paramount to the success of a new project. Population growth, demographics shift, value-engineering and design trends are all part of our analysis and recommendations when it comes to project design.

Marketing & Sales

Competitive, brand positioning, Point-of-Sale.

Knowing current and future competitors, understanding the power and importance of branding and employing a strong, experienced front line are all Milborne keys to marketing and selling your next project.

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We’ve probably made every conceivable mistake possible over the past 45 years, but I can tell you were not making them twice. Profit from our experience.


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Because of carrying cost, time is your enemy. We help our clients move quickly while maximizing price per square foot.

Irfan Bhatti, Sales Manager

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