The leader in
pre-construction sales.

We Are

Canada’s leading marketer of urban, master-planned, multi-phased communities

Our breadth of experience covers every facet of the new condominium marketplace. Although we have positioned and successfully sold boutique buildings, townhomes and resort properties, our greatest experience lies in the promotion and sales of mixed-use high-rise communities that change neighbourhoods, waterfronts and cityscapes.

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We Assist

Every aspect of development

Condo white with wrap around balconies

Site Acquisition

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Building Design

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Branding & Marketing

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Zoning & Approvals

Tall condo featuring a nice sunset 8 floors high


Modern boxy condo 10 stories tall with lots of windows

Sales Strategy

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On-Site Sales

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Team + Client

The Milborne Method

We believe the most direct route to success is a collaborative effort between our team and our client. Our proprietary process merges innovative market analysis, exhaustive research and real time insight with our clients’ product, vision and plan, to generate maximum exposure and impact with minimal expense. The Milborne Team carefully listens to the needs of their clients. By placing appropriate suite mix, amenities, building features into the new community they ensure that clients goals are met by meeting the market requirements.

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Join the
Milborne Team

We are Canada’s leading marketer of urban, master-planned, multiphase communities, and are comprised of highly skilled real estate professionals, who specialize in the art and science of selling new pre-construction. From our leadership team to our on-site administrative specialists, the Milborne team is built on the concept of unwavering support at every level. Part of this commitment to support is the continual education, training and development of our staff, and the opportunity for exceptional career growth.

Become part of Canada’s largest and most successful pre-construction sales and consulting firm and apply for a position that fits your talents!

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Profit from our Experience.


Our History

45 Years and Getting Stronger

Selling 1000+ projects since its inception in the 1970s, Milborne Group currently commands up to 20% of Toronto’s market share. Here’s a look back at some of our milestones.


Milborne introduces the work sheet – an expression of interest that records the buyer’s requests and personal information and is subsequently used to write the deal.

11,697 condo units added to Toronto market


Milborne takes on the “Mistake on the Lake” an almost dead project at 33 Harbour Square and sold 100 units in 100 days


30,881 condo units added to Toronto market


10,000 condos sold in Toronto, 1/4 of the current volume


After a strong 1987 & 1988 the real estate market peaked


From 1989 to 1994 the market slowed down significantly with a very few new project launches


49,503 condo units added to the Toronto market. Prices sank more than 25% due to excess inventory of unsold condos


Milborne and H&R launched Metropole at 7 King E at $250 PSF. Project sells out. It was one of the first conversions of office building into residential condominiums


First tiered realtor program First VIP realtor event


The rise of condo “conversions” – factories marketed as lofts


C. Hunter Milborne identified as “Dean of Condos” – his analytical approach to sales put him in an unprecedented class. “Kings get deposed, Deans get tenure” as quoted in Canadian Business Magazine


103,683 condo units added to the Toronto market


Milborne changes the Agreement of Purchase and Sale by moving the signing page from the back of the contract to the first page, giving the pertinent details upfront. This revolutionized practice has been adopted industry-wide


Milborne Group moves Cumberland Terrace to 385 Madison Avenue


Mandatory inclusion of at least 10% 3 bedroom units in downtown condominium projects


Hunter Milborne launches The Four Seasons Private Residences with 200 suites at $1250 PSF, there were very few sales in Toronto over $1000 PSF


Milborne Group breaks 100 staff


Milborne Group separates Administrative function from Sales function


109,497 condo units added to the Toronto market


Hunter co-founds Currently in Cambodia, expanding to Haiti
Over 1000 homes given away to date


Milborne Group has a record year, broke $2 billion in sales with over 5233 units sold – equivalent of 1 condo sold every hour. Hunter wins BILD Leadership Award for Lifetime Achievement

2017, May

142 units sold by Milborne Group in 1 day, establishing a new record. Milborne Group’s efficiency resulted in clients and agents in and out of the sales office in less than 30 minutes

2017, June

2.8 months of inventory available in the GTA. (Healthy market is 12 to 18 months supply.) Standing inventory of condos and homes at an all-time low


2020, June

Milborne Group launches the first virtual launch of project after the lockdown, selling over 70% in less than a month

2020, August

Milborne app is launched, proprietary software that digitally creates the agreement of purchase and sale, provides real time tracking of inventory and each step in selling process from providing a visual tool in grid format

2021, February

Milborne Group launches 1 Jarvis in Hamilton and successfully sells out 354 units in 48 hours

2021, April

Milborne App adds a new feature Brokers portal that helps outside brokers to upload their own worksheets into the software, which eliminates errors and speeds up the selling process

2021, October

Milborne had its first ‘Billion Dollar Month’ facilitating over $1 Billion of sales in just 10 Days

2023, June

Milborne sells out North Oakville’s mid-rise building Carding House by Mattamy in a matter of weeks despite tough market conditions

2023, September

Milborne Group was awarded a mandate as exclusive brokerage for Friday Harbour. Friday Harbour is a magnificent all season resort community on Lake Simcoe a short drive north of the GTA

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