1454 Bayview Avenue


1454 Bayview Avenue

1454 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON

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Oikoi Living

El & Associates

Sales Contact
Maryann Grace



As the fastest growing city in North America, Toronto’s housing supply can’t keep up with its population growth. The solutions have been limited to the “tall and sprawl” approach where people have been forced to choose between low-density subdivisions removed from the city centre or high-density developments built on small parcels of land which have increased in price substantially over the past 10 years.

At Oikoi Living, they are expanding the choices for housing beyond small condos, long commutes to a home outside the city or detached single-family home which are becoming more and more an unaffordable or unavailable choice and converting single-family houses to make room for additional units to make a significant addition to the housing supply and offer a choice that a lot of people desire – lower, ground-related housing in already mature and established urban neighbourhoods at an affordable price. Such conversions allow for the rapid supply of units in the most sought-after single-family neighbourhoods of our City.

Sales Highlights

  • Located in one of the city’s most sought-after neighbourhoods.
  • Professionally designed suites with attention to details.
  • Lockoffs that provide additional living area that is flexible in use.
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Milborne Contact

Maryann Grace

VP, Special Projects

Maryann has been with Milborne Group since the late 80's and has worked on many projects at different stages from before land acquisition, sales program, color selections right up to final closing and sales after condo registration. She has worked on several projects that are "pioneering" in nature, including the creation of new neighbourhoods and many multi-phased projects which created new opportunities for end-users and investors in many different market conditions. Maryann has been involved in the sale of more than 8,000 units valuing over $2.4 billion.

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