The W Condos


The W Condos

Whitby, ON

Coming Soon

Ace Development Ltd.

Turner Fleischer Architects

Sales Contact
Irfan Bhatti


What’s not to love? A home that satisfies your passion for style, your eye for design, your city sensibilities, your thirst for easy living, and your hunger for a more enriching lifestyle. It’s all waiting for you at The W Condos – a vibrant midrise condominium community coming to the heart of Durham. Get ready for your best chapter.

Sales Highlights

You love the idea of small-town living but value conveniences and culture, too. What if you didn’t have to choose? Imagine having it all. Trendy restaurants and coffee shops. Farmers’ markets and beer festivals. Live concerts, galleries, museums. Scenic strolls complete with friendly nods of hello to like-minded neighbours who appreciate there’s charm to be found east of The Six. Welcome to Whitby.

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Milborne Contact

Irfan Bhatti

Manager, Sales & Marketing

Irfan has been involved in all aspects of pre-construction condominiums for almost 20 years and joined Milborne Group in 2016. Irfan has achieved great success leading his teams to meet developer targets throughout even the most challenging of times in various markets a throughout the GTA. You will usually find Irfan on the front lines applying his knowledge and expertise in new condominiums to help realtors and clients make the optimal decision based on the clients wants and needs. Irfan believes building long lasting relationships over the years with both top realtors, past purchasers and developers has been an integral part of all his successes.

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