Canada’s premier pre-construction sales & consulting firm

With 45 years’ experience, and over $90 billion in sales and strategic realtor partnerships around the globe, Milborne Group consistently provides unparalleled results in the Canadian new condominium marketplace.


We are a strategic builder partner, providing guidance and insight from land acquisition to post-occupancy. While selling real estate is both an art and a science, our insights, analysis and recommendations from the earliest stages of a project ensure our sales team will succeed and your vision is achieved.

A history of new standards

Milborne Group is dedicated to serving the residential development community through clear and effective communication during each stage of the development process. From site acquisition, zoning and approvals, through design, legals, branding and marketing, and sales strategy and execution, we are constantly innovating and creating the new industry standards. Milborne Group continually drives efficiency, saving both time and money for the developer.

Investing in pre-construction

Our investment division, led by C. Hunter Milborne, has over 45 years of experience in market analysis, technical reporting and profit strategies to connect new investors with the most stable and lucrative pre-construction developments in the GTA and beyond.

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We’ve always been very analytical, quantitative and objective in our approach — but it is our interpretation of the facts that provides the greatest insights for our clients.

James Bradeen, VP, Sales and Marketing

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