As we approach a post-pandemic world- east GTA will likely become a real estate hotspot if predictions of homebuyers continuing to leave the downtown core are as accurate as they seem.

Located east of Toronto, east GTA comprises Pickering(population 91,771); Ajax(population 121,780); Whitby (population 128,377) and Oshawa (population 159,458).

Relatively speaking, areas like Pickering, Whitby, Ajax and Oshawa are all close enough to Toronto to benefit from infrastructures like transit systems and highways. Still, they’re also far enough for owners to claim the “small-town feel” and feel removed from the hustle and bustle of the downtown core.

The Building Industry and Land Development Association report new condo sales in Durham to be growing- 54 units in September 2020- an increase from 25 in September 2019 and only 15 in 2018.

As mentioned above, the appeal of the east makes sense. There is easy access to highways, major transit hubs, the heart of Toronto is only minutes away by a drive on 401 (Pickering is 40km from downtown- with Ajax being 46km, Whitby 59km, Oshawa 62km and Bowmanville only 76km away). So if a buyer is considering the east GTA, living in these areas is an attractive option- especially with transit improvements and the expansion of Hwy 407.

While the East GTA continues to grow, there are also more amenities and retail options to select from. With various shops, restaurants and storefronts, there is also the Oshawa Centre (the largest shopping complex in Durham), which houses more than 200 outlets. There are also key landmarks like Casino Ajax, Greenwood Conservation Area, Pickering Town Centre and Veteran’s Point Garden.

Nature is a draw for those looking to escape the city life. Oshawa houses several wildlife preserves like the Pumphouse Marsh, Second Marsh, and McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve. Couple this with amenities like the Oshawa Botanical Gardens (North America’s largest contemporary peony collection) and Lakeview Park (where buyers can picnic, enjoy playgrounds, sports fields and a beautiful waterfront pier), and it is understandable why people would be drawn to the region. With Whitby only a short trip away, buyers can also benefit from more than 100 parks and over 60km of trails like the Bio-Diversity Trail, the Cullen Central Park Trail and Whitby Shores Waterfront Trail.

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