The Tailor Queensway Residences


The Tailor Queensway Residences

1197 The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON

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Marlin Spring

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In a quest for quality over quantity, discover the value in rarity. In a place where the concierge knows your name and greets you like a friend. A curated collection of 142 boutique residences with contemporary interior design that suits you perfectly, and modern amenities tailored to your unique lifestyle. We invite you to be one of the few, rather than one of the many. You’ll find just what you need only minutes away Sherway Gardens, or charming shops and restaurants just steps away from your home. Play around or take a stroll through Queensland Park. Enjoy a slice from The Pie Commission, some fresh sashimi from Sushi Kaji or a pint or two at Great Lakes Brewery. Explore the scenic streets of Swansea and head down to Sunnyside Beach to savour stunning lakefront views. Make Tailor Home.

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Milborne Contact

Irfan Bhatti

Sales Manager

Irfan has been involved in all aspects of pre-construction condominiums for almost 20 years and joined Milborne Group in 2016. Irfan has achieved great success leading his teams to meet developer targets throughout even the most challenging of times in various markets a throughout the GTA. You will usually find Irfan on the front lines applying his knowledge and expertise in new condominiums to help realtors and clients make the optimal decision based on the clients wants and needs. Irfan believes building long lasting relationships over the years with both top realtors, past purchasers and developers has been an integral part of all his successes.

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