Soleil Condos – Buildings B & D


Soleil Condos – Buildings B & D

470 Gordan Krantz Avenue
Milton, ON

Currently Selling

Mattamy Homes


Sales Contact
Rose Nguyen


A beaming presence rising 6-storeys high, capturing all the light and vibrancy of connected living. This is Milton’s Soleil Condos.

Proximity to parkland, and to places that enrich your every day. Rattlesnake Park in your backyard and work from home spaces just an elevator ride down. With Milton as a backdrop, discover a condo-community that revolves around you.

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Milborne Contact

Rose Nguyen

Director, Sales & Marketing

Rose has proudly represented the Milborne Group for nearly a decade bringing a wealth of experience in marketing and selling projects across several markets and sales cycles. Garnering many successful sellouts in a multitude of pre-construction developments, including boutique buildings, luxury townhomes, and hi-rise master-planned communities, her dedication in various roles makes her an asset on every team. As an enthusiastic marketer with a holistic approach to sales, Rose has been a key consultant for the strategic planning and execution of over $3.7 Billion worth of property.

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