One Bloor – The Penthouses


One Bloor – The Penthouses

1 Bloor St East,
Toronto, ON

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Great Gulf

Hariri Pontarini Architects

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Kelly Gu


Above Toronto’s skyline rests the most sought after, award-winning, and internationally acclaimed residence, One Bloor. Anchored by a six-storey podium, the building peaks at an impressive seventy-six floors. One Bloor embodies effortless living in its highest form and reaches beyond to make spaces for all of life’s moments and the opportunity to create new ones.

At the intersection of Toronto’s bustling streets of Yonge and Bloor and two major subway lines, you will find that you are well-connected to all the unparalleled luxuries that the city has to offer. This is the address that defines Toronto and it is made for a life without limits.

Sales Highlights

​A penthouse should be about possibility over prescription. Created for those of unique vision, the penthouses at One Bloor afford you the opportunity of design expression without restriction. Your backdrop consists of limitless sky, infinite waters, and a seemingly endless landscape. Consider it the inspiration for your interior canvas. This is where to create a personal reflection of your impeccable character and taste. Your standards to your specifications. The domain for you to define your own individual style in a most extraordinary space.

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Milborne Contact

Kelly Gu


Kelly exemplifies the ambitious and professional member who everyone enjoys having on their team. Her eagerness to overperform and deliver results roots in her eight years of experience as a realtor in pre-construction. Stepping into real estate following her Bachelor’s degree, Commerce in Management from the University of Ottawa, she has consistently engaged in some of the largest and most successful developments across the GTA. Her ability to establish trusted relationships with the nation’s top developers and brokers showcases her hard-working philosophy, selling over $3 billion in real estate in her career. Kelly takes pride in her Chinese heritage, becoming an expert in effectively communicating and negotiating with clients in her native tongue.

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