No7 Rosedale

5 Dale Ave, Toronto, ON

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Platinum Vista

Siamak Hariri

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Dreamt up by a world-class trio of design and architecture icons – Siamak Hariri, Alessandro Munge and Janet Rosenberg – these ultra-luxury boutique residences bring history and modernity together in perfect harmony. Studio Munge adds a contemporary scheme respectful of the environment and architectural integrity. Understated elegance and subtle, discreet touches carry the day. Clean lines and modern recessed detailing underscore all aspects of these beautifully imagined spaces.

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Milborne Contact

Audrey Lew


Audrey Lew serves as Director of Sales and Marketing at Milborne Group, where she oversees sales for residential real estate projects across the GTA. Audrey is responsible for developing sales and marketing strategies with developers, leading and coaching sales teams. She has been with Milborne Group since 2015. Audrey has taken a scenic route in the Toronto real estate new construction industry, accumulating a rich collection of valuable experience from its different facets in the course of over a decade. From administration, accounting, research analysis, to marketing and sales, her passion in her current role lies in the commitment to attain sales objectives while delivering the best professional sales experience for clients, cooperating agents, and real estate developers. Over her career, Audrey has sold and managed over 20 developments with over $2.5 billion in sales revenue, and most importantly built good relationships and strong rapport with real estate veterans, top producing agents and brokers.

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