No.31 Condominiums

31 Parliament Street,
Toronto, ON

Currently Selling

Lanterra Developments


Sales Centre Address
31 Parliament Street, Toronto, ON


The amenities offer a soaring double-height and 50 foot long pool/ lounge with a feature view of the CN Tower. The outdoor amenity connects to a state-of-the-art fitness centre by a curved stairway into the yoga room. The 6th floor roof garden invites lounging and private dining entertainment with access to BBQ stations. The outdoor space features a reflecting pavilion with a unique sunken fireplace that allows the residents to relax and enjoy the vibrant neighborhood. The suite interiors merge contemporary and modern touches through clean lines and integration of black stainless steel appliances. The suite palette offers a combination of organic textures and matte finishes. Through the open concept living, residents can be inspired by the historical aesthetic of the Distillery district.

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Milborne Contact

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