Natasha Residences

263 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON

Currently Selling

Lanterra Developments

BDP Quadrangle

Sales Contact
t: (416) 781-0261


An urban condominium community in the heart of the Entertainment District, located at Adelaide and John. Stylish, sophisticated, tailored design for discerning tastemakers. Inspired by one of the city’s biggest movers and shakers, Natasha The Residences puts you right in the heart of the action. Step outside amid an amazing lineup of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, businesses, and boutiques. Natasha Residences is characterized by outstanding location, iconic architecture and design, inspired amenities and innovative technologies. Turn life on – by enjoying amenities such as a beautifully designed fitness centre, the sky lobby with incredible views, the prestigious sauna, a dog grooming salon and a media content centre.

Sales Highlights

47-Storey High-Rise

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Milborne Contact

Diana Girgis


Diana values innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Since 2008, Diana has led the sale of over 5,000 residential units in communities across the GTA, positioning her to successfully navigate unique team dynamics, prioritize client needs and goals, and develop targeted sales and marketing strategies that are curated for each individual development. Her passion lies in building efficient sales processes and high performing teams, with the ultimate goal of exceeding sales targets and revenues. She holds an Executive MBA from Queen's University and volunteers her time as a mentor and board member.

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