May TRREB stats are in!⁣


416: 814
905: 2,552
Average Price: $1,549, 498
Number of Sales: 3, 366
Decrease per Year: 40.9%

Town House

416: 267
905: 984
Average Price: $977, 194
Number of Sales: 1, 251
Decrease per Year: 42.4%

Condo Apt

416: 1,264
905: 584
Average Price: $770,894
Number of Sales: 1,848
Decrease per Year: 31.6%

The new purchaser mindset. Heading into summer 2022 brings on further increases in interest rates and continued speculation about the market’s direction. The pace of sale, absorption, and overall strength of the market is a reflection of consumer confidence and expectations. As we engage with these active buyers, there are certain common characteristics that thread this “New purchaser” group, and their decision-making together. Purchasers have become more analytical in their approach, placing a larger emphasis on project comparison throughout the city and beyond. Options have become less segmented to one area or type of building.

June TRREB stats!⁣


Sales Activity


Average Price


New Listings

Our region continues to grow because we attract people and businesses from all around the world. Housing demand will remain strong over the long-term, as long as we can produce homes within which people can live.

TRREB CEO John DiMichele

We are finding that the purchaser has become less emotional in the decision-making process, and the dance between the resale market and new construction is more fluid. As such, the total offering of a new project launch will determine its success. The perceived value of each submarket, the best pricing available, the incentive package, the extended deposit program, and the overall brand recognition are playing a more critical role in client response, sales absorption and velocity. This is the time to put your best foot forward and deliver a AAA offering across the board.


International Projects




Industry Awards Since 2oo3


Years in the Making




Billion in Sales


Team Members Trained in the Milborne Method


Units Marketed and Sold

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