The win-win of investing in pre-construction

With ‘first-time buyer’ pricing, structured deposit schedules and a variety of ‘first access’ incentives, purchasing a pre-construction unit for investment purposes is more affordable and flexible than ever before. 

There are two primary strategies to consider when investing in pre-construction:

Short-term investment, smaller profit

An early purchase of a unit can usually net a faster and smaller profit once a building is finished, typically in 18-24 months.

Long-term investment, larger profit

More and more investors are opting to purchase units as rental properties which offers month-over-month income and long-term returns.

Our investment division, led by C. Hunter Milborne, has over 40 years of experience in market analysis, technical reporting and profit strategies to connect new investors with the most stable and lucrative pre-construction developments in the GTA and beyond. To get started, register below for priority access to our latest and upcoming projects and one of our representatives will be in touch to create a tailored investment plan.

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