Nationally recognized as the “Dean of Condos” by Canadian Business Magazine, founder of Milborne Group and the “Milborne Method”, C. Hunter Milborne, has over 40 years of real estate experience. Mr. Milborne is well known for his entrepreneurial style, creative problem solving and innovative market penetration strategies.

Milborne Group has served hundreds of clients on a range of projects, from vacation homes to high-density multi-use developments in locations around the world.

Selling more than 740 developments since its inception, Milborne Group’s market share in Toronto fluctuates between 12% and 20% in an industry with over 1,000 competing companies.

The high measure of the company’s success is evident in the large volume of repeat business secured, resulting from Milborne Group’s highly sought-after guidance and leadership as the dominant force in pre-construction condominium marketing.



Milborne introduces the Work Sheet – an expression of interest that records the buyer’s requests and personal information and is subsequently used to write the deal.
11,697 condo units added to Toronto market

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Milborne takes on the “MISTAKE ON THE LAKE” an almost dead project at 33 Harbour Square and sold 100 units in 100 days.


30,881 condo units added to Toronto market

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10,000 condos sold in Toronto (1/4 of the current value)


After a dip in 1987, the real end came in 1989, the city’s real estate bubble finally burst. Prices plummeted 40%.


A slow time in Toronto. No new launches in 5 years.


49,503 condo units added to the Toronto market. Prices sank more than 40% due to excess inventory of unsold condos

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Milborne operated primarily out of Vancouver (founding of Intrawest)


Milborne and HR launch Metropole at 7 King E. Project sells out.


First tiered realtor program First VIP realtor event


The rise of condo “conversions” – factories marketed as lofts


C. Hunter Milborne identified as “Dean of Condos” – his scholarly/educated approach to sales put him in an unprecedented “class”
“Kings get deposed, Deans get tenure!”


103,683 condo units added to the Toronto market

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Milborne changes the Agreement of Purchase and Sale by moving the signing page from the back of the contract to the first page, giving the pertinent details upfront. This revolutionized practice has been adopted industry-wide.


Milborne Group moves from Hazelton to Davenport


Mandatory inclusion of at least 10% 3 bedroom units in downtown condominium projects


Milborne (Sotheby’s) launches The Four Seasons with 200 units at a $700 million sell out ($1450 PSF), which defied dismal market statistics and initiated luxury condo product in Toronto.


Shangri-La begins construction
Milborne Group breaks 100 staff


Milborne Group separates Administrative function from Sales function – staff time is billed back at cost with no mark up


109,497 condo units added to the Toronto market

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Hunter co-founds World with “1 for 1” model. Currently in Cambodia, expanding to Haiti

Over 1000 homes given away to date


Milborne Group outsells every other market in Canada

29-31 Roehampton: first re-development of a sold project broke 100,000 units sold

Record sales year: broke $2 billion in sales with over 5233 units sold – equivalent of 1 condo sold every hour

Hunter wins BILD Leadership Award for Lifetime Achievement

2017, May

142 units sold by Milborne Group in 1 day, establishing a new record. Milborne Group’s efficiency resulted in clients and agents in and out of the sales office in less than 30 minutes

2017, June

2.8 months of inventory available in the GTA. (Healthy market is 12 to 18 months supply.) Standing inventory of condos and homes at an all-time low.