Toronto’s new condo guidelines are designed to create kid-friendly communities

October 20, 2017

When Emily Runions moved out of her one-bedroom-plus-den in August to a two-bedroom condo, it solved a bunch of problems — not the least of which was giving daughter Sadie enough space to make slime and other crafts with her friends after school.

In their old Liberty Village apartment, Sadie, had a cool loft bed that took advantage of the high ceilings. But her room, the apartment’s den, didn’t have a door.

“That was fine, but when you have three 9-year-olds in 635 sq. ft., it can get a little crazy, especially if they want to have sleepovers,” said Runions, who now lives in the Fort York area.

Besides, as Sadie gets older, a bedroom door becomes increasingly important.

“My old condo didn’t have a bathtub. When we moved in there, Sadie was 2 turning 3. To bathe a 2-year-old in the shower — it was a challenge,” said Runions.

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